What is ?

Dental Core

is a dental products distributor and one of the fastest growing companies within the dental industry in Egypt.

Our goal is to supply dentists in Egypt

with high quality products that will increase patient satisfaction and improve the overall health of the Egyptian people. To provide the best quality for our dentists, we have always contracted with established international companies in the field of dentistry and represented their brands to the Egyptian market. We’ve signed contracts with the likes of Matt Orthodontics (USA) and Lusterdent (France), both of whom are highly respected companies that manufacture and distribute high quality dental products internationally.

Dental Core’s negotiated contracts and bulk purchase discounts allow

such high quality products to be offered to the Egyptian market at competitive prices. As a company, we strive to contribute toward the development of the dental trade sector in Egypt and aim to become the preferred distributor for the quality dental products providers and dental professionals in Egypt.